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Hearing Conservation Services and Products from Nevada Occupational Audiology and Health Services

Nevada Occupational Audiology & Health Services, Inc. (NOAHS) was established by Sandra MacLean Uberuaga, M.A., CCC-A, F-AAA, CPS/A Occupational Audiologist, to consult and assist industry with hearing loss prevention program requirements. NOAHS specializes in the provision of comprehensive and effective hearing conservation programs. Sandra has been providing hearing loss prevention services throughout Nevada, Utah, Arizona, and the Pacific Northwest since 1982. Sandra is a Nevada Licensed Audiologist # A-1670.

Our staff of audiologists, CAOHC certified audiometric technicians and support personnel are committed to the preservation of hearing ability and the prevention of damage due to noise and other hazards. We are dedicated to hearing loss prevention, not just hearing loss documentation! We will always strive to exceed your expectations.

We provide mobile audiometric testing and hearing conservation services on-site at your workplace. Services include sound level measurement, employee and management training, hearing protector fitting, and FitCheck evaluation. We also sell custom earplugs, Bluetooth Earpieces, and other specialized hearing protection devices.  CAOHC certification (Occupational Hearing Conservationist) courses are also offered with approved continuing education credits available.

Services and mobile van testing are also available in the Pacific Northwest and lower 48 through Washington Audiology Services and in Alaska through Alaska Occupational Audiology and Health Services.

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Hearing Loss Toolbox Talks - A series of presentations developed by MSHA for the mining community.

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